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DMS - Carlton Building

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The grantee is currently replacing one 12 year old 220-ton air-cooled chiller and one 12 year old 125-ton air-cooled chiller with two 175-ton high-efficiency water cooled chillers and cooling towers at the North Broward RSC Building. The grantee replaced one 450-ton chiller and one 250-ton chiller with new high-efficiency models at the Collins Building, replaced two 19 year old, 600-ton chillers with high-efficiency models at the FDLE Building, replaced one 19 year old, 210-ton chiller with a high-efficiency model at the Fletcher Building, and replaced two 20 year old, 360-ton chillers and one 250-ton chiller, also 20 years old, with high-efficiency models at the Pepper Building. The grantee also upgraded temperature sensors, control valves, and communications on the two air handlers so that these air-handling systems can be monitored from the DMS central monitoring facility at the Gray Building. The grantee also replaced energy management controls on the west wing of the building with high efficiency controls in the Carlton Building. The grantee also installed a 145kW roof top solar PV system on the Capital Circle Office Complex 4052 Building.

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State Buildings
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501 South Calhoun Street
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