We are actively recruiting postdocs for our team. Please email Eric to express interest and to inquire about positions (eric dot t dot wang at ufl dot edu).


  • Eric T. Wang - Principal Investigator

    Eric received his BA in Biochemistry at Harvard College and PhD from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology. Following receipt of an NIH Early Independence Award, he started his lab as a Koch Institute Fellow, and subsequently moved to the University of Florida as an Assistant Professor. His interests lie at the intersection of genomics and cell biology, with a focus on better understanding disease pathogenesis underlying repeat expansion diseases. A family connection led him to focus on myotonic dystrophy, a multi-systemic disease affecting muscle, heart, and brain. He has worked with the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and Promise to Kate to raise awareness and funding for research. He co-founded Strength, Science and Stories of Inspiration to support the research of young investigators. He also interacts extensively with drug companies to develop meaningful treatment options for people living with severe neurological diseases.

  • Kendra McKee

    Lab Manager, Biological Scientist

  • Ryan Hildebrandt

    PhD Student, Biomedical Sciences Program

  • Kiril Poukalov

    PhD Student, Biomedical Sciences Program

  • Elizabeth Delgado

    PhD Student, Genetics & Genomics Program (Jointly advised with Andy Berglund)

  • Chase Kelley

    PhD Student, NSF Fellow, Genetics & Genomics Program

  • Zoe Scherzer

    PhD Student, Biomedical Sciences Program

  • Alana O'Brien

    PhD Student, Biomedical Sciences Program

  • Juan Arboleda

    PhD Student, Genetics & Genomics Program

  • Emma Shea

    PhD Student, Biomedical Sciences Program

  • Zhuangyue Li

    PhD Student, Biomedical Sciences Program

  • Danielle Adekunle

    PhD Student, MIT Biology Program (Jointly advised with Phil Sharp)

  • Belinda Pinto

    Postdoctoral Associate

  • Yu Zhou

    Postdoctoral Associate

  • Devi Boggupalli

    Postdoctoral Associate

  • Ona McConnell

    Biological Scientist

  • Derek Muscato

    Technical Assistant

  • Leanne Adams

    Technical Assistant

  • Carmen Valero

    Senior Biological Scientist

  • Marina Scotti

    Senior Biological Scientist

  • Hailey Olafson

    Biological Scientist


  • Brittney Otero (PhD graduate)

    Postdoc, Malu Tansey Lab - UF

  • Lance Denes (PhD graduate)

    Postdoc, Liam Holt & Timothy Lionnet labs - NYU

  • Danielle Adekunle (PhD graduate)

    Postdoc, Gianni Liti Lab - IRCAN, Nice, France

  • Tanvi Saxena

    Harvard University BBS Program

  • Yiping Xing

    NYU Medical School

  • Joey Estabrook

    Oregon Health Sciences

  • Tom Wentworth


  • Laura McCulloch

    NYU Medical School

  • Julia Oddo

    Bend Research

  • Chloe Dlott

    Yale Medical School

  • Ben Song

    UCSD Medical School